April: National Poetry Month at the CUUWA

CUUWA and Vancouver Unitarians invite CUU Feminist Book Club members and CUUWA members and friends to join the Women’sMeditative Poetry Circle for a 15-20 minute online “poetry break” every Saturday and Sunday in April, at noon Eastern, 9 am Pacific.  

April is National Poetry Month and our women’s meditative poetry group is celebrating by inviting all women and non-conforming genders to try us out. We are an intimate little group, currently four regulars. We don’t mind being small AND we’d like to share our group and poetry practice with others.

This year’s theme for National Poetry Month is INTIMACY. We trust that even if we double or triple in size, by the nature of what we do together, read and reflect on poetry, this will always be an intimate group. In April, participants will be reading poems on that theme, most by Canadian women writers.

We started in the fall of 2020 and have met at 9 am Pacific on Saturdays and Sundays ever since. It’s usually only 15 minutes long and the very longest it goes is 30 minutes. One person in the group chooses a poem and reads it three times. In between the readings, we have one minute of silence and some brief sharing. The very longest it goes is 30 minutes. If it’s a long poem we sometimes read it only twice, but that’s rare.

Listening and sharing is focused like this:

The first time, listen for words or phrases that jump out at you.

The second time, pay attention to feelings and memories that are evoked by the poem.

The third time, ask yourself: Is there a message here for me? For today, this month, this year?

We have an email group and have now decided to forward all the poems we read so that those who can’t join us will get a specially curated poetry collection. To join the group, send a message to: womens-meditative-poetry+subscribe@googlegroups.com

To just show up during April, sign in to here ucv.im/cuuwa just before the start time.

April is “just try it” month, and the doors are open for all women and non-conforming genders. Ultimately, we’re looking for people who would usually attend at least once a week.

Feminists of all genders are also invited to attend our regular Canadian Unitarian*Universalist Feminist Book Club meeting on April 10 at 6 pm Eastern, 3 pm Pacific on Zoom. Participants are invited to bring a poem by a Canadian feminist writer from any period. Your own creations are especially welcome.