Annual CUUWA Meeting 2021

Every year, the CUUWA holds a Tea and Conversation and our Annual General Meeting. This event is often held during in-person Canadian Unitarian Council National Conferences (previously known as ACMs). In the spring of 2020, the CUUWA decided to hold these meetings on Zoom or multiple platforms in the future, to enable full participation of our members.

We invite you to our virtual Tea and AGM on June 12, 2021, starting at at 16:30 (4:30 pm) NL, 16:00 Atlantic, 15:00 (3 pm) Eastern, 14:00 Central, 13:00 Mountain, and 12:00 pm Pacific time, on Zoom.

First hour: Bring a special cup or mug filled with the hot beverage of your choice and homemade bread, cakes (for the Queen of Heaven or yourself!) or treats to our Tea. After you enter from the waiting room, we will introduce ourselves.
Then we will take the time to discuss the following questions in breakout sessions. You may wish to reflect on the questions during the weeks leading up to our meeting.
• What was one insight or discovery that you made when participating in a CUUWA or another event?
• At any time during the year did you think of something you would like to talk about with CUUWA?
• What are some of the relevant or worthwhile accomplishments of/for women and gender-non-binary people anywhere in the globe over the past year?
• What has sustained you during the pandemic? How are you being nurtured? How has faith or hope helped? How have you grown as a human?
Finally, we will reconvene and share some of our responses to the last question in the chat and / or verbally.

Second hour: Business Meeting Agenda

Opening Words
Introduction of CUUWA National Council, and review of Procedures
Call to Order and Confirmation of Quorum
Approval of Agenda
Approval of 2020 Annual General Meeting Minutes (to be circulated)
Approval of Reports from Chair, Treasurer, and Membership Secretary (to be circulated)
National Council
Report on Council composition and study
Elections (slate to be circulated)
Other Business (email items to JoAnne(dot)Elder(dot)NB(at)gmail by June 6, 2021)
Closing Words