Council Members

CUUWA Council 

Atlantic (shared):      Jo-Anne Elder-Gomes         Chair
Atlantic (shared):     Anneke Elder-Gomes
BC:                               Lillie Lentz
Prairies:                      Christine Mishra
ON:                              Kathy Sage
QC:                               Vacant
At Large:                     Margaret Linton       Treasurer/ Membership

Council Liaisons:
Ministerial Liaisons: Rev. Linda Goonewardene & Rev. Christopher Wulff
Reproductive Justice: Christine Mishra, Jo-Anne Elder-Gomes  

Facebook/ Youth Liaison: Anneke Elder-Gomes         
Legacy/ Bursary Chair:    Betty Donaldson

To contact the Council:


Former Board Members:
   Gillian Burton (Former Bd Mbr), Betty Donaldson, Caroline Jondahl, Margaret Linton, Jane Fox (Reproductive Justice)
                                              Claudette Commanda (guest speaker),  Janice Tait,
                    missing Adina Lyon, Jo-Anne Elder- Gomes, Anneke Elder-Gomes, Rev. Kathy Sage, Rev. Carole Martignacco
Webmaster Christopher Wulff